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We are among India’s major HDPE granules manufacturers that are also leading the industry as the major Supplier, Retailers, Importer, and Exporter of HDPE Granules in India. Following the global trend of environmental initiatives, we manufacture our HDPE granules mostly from Industrial Wastes obtained from reputable sources.

Nidhi Enterprises: A HDPE Granules Manufacturer with Multiple Capacities

In addition to being a top HDPE granules manufacturer, we are also a prominent producer, supplier, retailer, importer, and exporter of reprocessed LLDPE, LDPE, and PE Granules in India. If you urgently want Plastic scraps and Engineered polymers, call +91-9810672845 to obtain high-quality, impurity-free plastic scraps and Engineered polymers at the most competitive price.

Nidhi Enterprises: Leading the Industry of Imported HDPE Regrinds

If you’re seeking high-quality imported HDPE regrinds at a reasonable price, give us a call right away. In addition to being India’s top HDPE Granules manufacturer, we are a significant figure in the market of imported HDPE regrinds.

We have relationships with many overseas HDPE regrinds producers that are recognized for producing high-quality, impurity-free, odorless regrinds comparable to virgin prime regrinds. The HDPE regrinds that we offer can be used directly to make finished products. 

HDPE Blow Moulding Natural

We Are Leading Manufacturers, Suppliers,Retailers,Importer And Exporter Of Hdpe Granules.Our Granules Are Manufactured Using Industrial Wastes,Procured From Reliable Sources.Hdpe Blow Moulding Natural Is Transparent In Colour And A Low MFI Product.It Can Be Used With Masterbatches To Make Different Coloured Products.

HDPE Blow Moulding Natural Properties

  1. .MFI-0.3-2 G/10
  2. [email protected]&5 Kg Load
  3. Density-0.955 G/Cm3
  4. Elongation-Above 11%
  5. Melting Point-210 C
  6. Grade-Blow Moulding

HDPE Blow Moulding Natural Applications

  1. Containers
  2. Milk & Water Tanks
  3. Plb, Dwc,Mdpe And Hdpe Pipes
  4. Household Products And Kitchenware
  5. Aluminium Composite Panel(Acp)
  6. Hdpe Sheets
  7. Tarpaulin
  8. Hdpe/Hm Films
  9. Carrybags
  10. Bottles, Drums & Jerricans
  11. Cable
  12. Boidegradable Garbage Bags

HDPE Blow Moulding Natural Speciality

  1. High Concentration Of
  2. Pigment
  3. Easy To Carry
  4. Flexibility
  5. Good Tolerance
  6. Light Weight
  7. High Strength
  8. Environment Friendly


HDPE Blue Granules Is Made From 200 Litres Barrel Or Large Blow Mould Products. These Granules Are Manufactured Using Industrial Wastes,Procured From Reliable Sources.This Material Is Hard In Nature And The Strength Of This Material Is Excellent . It Is Specially Use For Manufacturing Products Which Have High Pressure .




We hold expertise in manufacturing and supplying a high quality range of coloured plastic granules.

these granules are available in various colours like red ,blue,orange,green,black,yellow.

customization is also available in various colours like baby blue,baby pink,violet and as per the customer requirements.these are demanded for a variety of products.we take extreme care for the quality of the product.

moreover if you have any issues in material ,our technical team will (come to your plant if required) resolve the issue in maximum 24 hours.​


We Are Leading Manufacturers ,Suppliers,Retailers,Importer And Exporter Of Hdpe Granules.Our Granules Are Manufactured Using Industrial Wastes,Procured From Reliable Sources.Hdpe Blow Moulding milky white Is white In Colour And A Low MFI Product.It Can Be Used With Masterbatches To Make Different Coloured Products.


  1. Containers
  2. Milk & Water Tanks
  3. Plb, Dwc,Mdpe And
  4. Hdpe Pipes
  5. Household Products And
  6. Kitchenware
  7. Aluminium Composite
  8. Panel(Acp)
  9. Hdpe Sheets
  10. Tarpaulin
  11. Hdpe/Hm Films
  12. Carrybags
  13. Bottles, Drums &
  14. Jerricans
  15. Cable
  16. Boidegradable Garbage Bags


We are one of the leading manufacturers of injection molding granules.

This material is made by using injection molded grinding or chips.we use indian ,imported and industrial regrinds to make these granules. These are available in all colours but specially designed for red,blue,green and yellow.these granules are super lustorous and generally MFI is above 8.


  1. Plastic crates
  2. Pallets
  3. Dustbins
  4. Plastic toys & other
  5. injection molding projects
  6. Road safety barriers and products.​


We manufacture a superior range of hdpe black granules.these granules come in the form of p100,p80,p63. These granules are used in the production of HDPE PIPES,DWC PIPES,PLB PIPES,MDPE PIPES AND OTHER PLASTIC PIPES.

To take proper care of customer requirements and customizations we import these granules from various parts of the world. Our specilaized team ensures best consistent and timely delivery.
these materials are available in MFI of 0.2-1.2.

High quality assurance is given for ISI standards and strict attention is given towards contamination,finishing and strength.​


We also have hdpe imported regrinds. These regrinds can be used directly to make end products.
we have tieups with many foreign plants and have best plant waste regrinds which are:

  1. Dustproof
  2. Odourless
  3. Non-sticky, And
  4. As good as virgin, prime material.

This material is available in different colours in order to suit the requirements of our customers such as:

  1. Black
  2. Grey
  3. Natural
  4. Blue
  5. Mix colours.​

Looking For HDPE Plastic Granules Manufacturers?

HDPE Granules Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

High-thickness polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene high-thickness (PEHD) is a thermoplastic polymer delivered from the monomer ethylene. It is here and there called “alkathene” or “polythene” when utilized for HDPE pipes.

We are one of the famous in the market as hdpe granules manufacturers for exporters, providers of Reprocessed HDPE Granules in India. Our customers from various verticals can profit a wide range by valuing our items for their quality, free stream, solidness, better break, and stress obstruction. Further, our organization experts manufacture as per a norm and redid the scope of items different in size and shading.

We additionally create and supply our Reprocessed HDPE Granules as per the public and global quality guidelines. Also, our quality regulators send out our items to the worldwide market at the best costs.

HDPE Drum Blue Granules Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

Cleanly prepared to utilize dynamic fixings, these HDPE Blue Granules have straight hydrocarbons and adjust to global quality guidelines. The whole scope of HDPE Blue Granules has quality ascribes like high solidness, strength, and stream and fire hindrance. HDPE Blue Granules are fabricated utilizing mechanical wastes, secured from solid sources.

We Manufacture, Supply, and Export phenomenal HDPE Blue Granules. We comprehend that HDPE Granules are reasonable for use in assorted enterprises, we utilize simply the best quality crude materials to produce them. Additionally, these HDPE Blue Granules are bundled in safe material to guarantee advantageous transportation. These HDPE Blue Granules are accessible at industry driving costs.

Highlights :

  • High quality
  • Top-quality Filter
  • Available at reasonable costs
  • High-quality crude material is utilized
  • Utilized in :
  • Blue Pipe
  • Blue Dram

HDPE Natural Granules Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

Owed to our rich industry experience, we have had the option to bring to the table HDPE Natural Granules. Offered common granules are utilized in infusion shaping articles in characteristic. These normal granules are handled by our specialists utilizing driving innovation. Our clients can benefit from these characteristic granules in different details according to their requirements.


  • Amazing tones
  • Lightweight
  • Flawless end

Moreover, we give these Black HDPE Granules at a pocket-accommodating value range.

  • Very great mechanical properties
  • Environment well disposed
  • Consistency in soften stream properties
  • Effectiveness
  • Resistance to UV beams
  • Long time of usability
  • Accurate piece

High-Density Poly Ethylene, or HDPE in short, is a thermoplastic polymer made from petroleum. HDPE plastic is among the most adaptable plastic materials known, with applications ranging from plastic bottles to milk jugs, shampoo bottles to bleach bottles, cutting boards to pipes. HDPE plastic has strong compression strength and melting temperature and is known for its remarkable tensile strength and great strength-to-density ratio. We are one of the first and very well-known HDPE Granules producers and suppliers. We are also the highly regarded manufacturer, exporters, wholesaler of HDPE Granules in India. Our products are valued by clients from many industries for their quality, free flow, durability, and greater fracture and stress resistance.

Crate HDPE Color Granules Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

Crates HDPE Granules Owing to our flawlessness and quality-situated methodology, we have cut a specialty in the business by offering a tremendous evaluation cluster of Crates HDPE Granules. We require an array of bundling ventures obliging the food handling, milk supply, drugs, and FMCG areas for the stock of high-grade HDPE materials uncommonly intended for trim into containers. The containers shaped from our HDPE Crate Colors have predominant sturdiness, adaptability, and dimensional strength. Our HDPE Granules are utilized in the assembling of holders, substance drums, plastic boxes, plastic tanks, plastic lines, jerricans, carboys, toys, outing products, family unit and kitchenware, link protection.


  • Great alkali resistance
  • Thermal stability
  • Can be molded into containers of different sizes and shapes
  • Available in various colors

HDPE Injection Color Plastic Granules Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

We are considered one of the pioneers and notable makers and providers of Recycled HDPE Granules.

To make these granules consistent with industry guidelines, we get guaranteed quality HDPE materials from bona fide sellers of the market. Ideal for making plastic clasps and bangles, our offered granules are accessible in various plans and tones. Resistivity towards temperature, fire hindrance, and lightweight are a portion of the separated credits of our excellent Recycled HDPE Granules.

We are additionally present in the developing business sector for infusion shaping evaluation of thermoplastics materials. HDPE is one of the plastics we offer for trim applications. Our boss’s aptitude in the preparing of troublesome polymers has encouraged us in growing profoundly processable infusion shaping high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE) grades.

We offer infusion forming grades with a wide scope of softening stream lists (MFI). We set up our infusion shaping evaluations utilizing top of the line extruders with generally excellent temperature control and soften strand cooling highlights.


  • Low shrinkage properties
  • Good effect strength
  • High firmness

HDPE Black Blow Suppliers, Manufacturers, Traders, Wholesaler In Delhi

As a presumed producer of plastic granules, we have some expertise in the plan and production of dark HDPE infusion forming grades. We utilize an assortment of colors, and in particular carbon dark in the assembling of these evaluations.

Our evaluations anyway don’t show the blossoming of the additional tone to the outside of the item. If granules are utilized in various businesses for making plastic items.

These granules are prepared by using ideal quality polyethylene and supercurrent innovation according to set market standards. Our HDPE Injection Black evaluation is as a rule progressively utilized for the assembling of holders where the material is required to oppose UV beams and Our HDPE Blow Black evaluation can be utilized to make blow-shaped compartments/bottles for fuel tanks or other car parts.

These evaluations are produced using scraps from scrap HDPE bottles, and other purchaser and modern waste plastics.

Our HDPE Granules are manufactured and delivered following national and international quality requirements. Further to that, our company allows customization and does the fabrication of HDPE granules according to the client’s demand. Furthermore, we are not constrained by national boundaries.

We are the wholesaler of HDPE granules in India and outside India.

Our HDPE pallet granules are a very durable and efficient raw material for making a variety of industrial products. Our clients can choose from a variety of colors and sizes of pallet grains, which have outstanding durability and strength for a variety of molding applications.