we are one of the leading manufacturers ,importers,exporters and suppliers of polypropylene granules.
we offer the following types of PP granules:
1.PP natural
2.PP white
3.PP black and colour
4.PPCP natural
5.PPCP black and colour
6.BOPP natural.

generally MFI of PP granules is above 6 but we have the ability to customize it according to the customer requirements and specifications.


polypropylene granules are available in natural,white,black and in colour form.

PP granules are widely used in various applications such as household,crates,tasla,bucket and automobiles.

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we are engaged in offering a premium range of polypropylene (PP) granules which are known for their high strengh , tolerance and flexibility .
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We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturers ,Importers,Exporters And Suppliers Of Polypropylene Granules. We Offer The Following Types Of PP Granules: 1.PP Natural 2.PP White 3.PP Black And Colour 4.PPCP Natural 5.PPCP Black And Colour 6.BOPP Natural.

one of the very main advantage of PPCP granules over PP granules is it has very high strength.


We Offer The Following Types Of PP Granules: 1.PP Natural 2.PP White 3.PP Black And Colour 4.PPCP Natural 5.PPCP Black And Colour 6.BOPP Natural.

One Of The Very Main Advantage Of PPCP Granules Over PP Granules Is It Has Very High Strength.

CUSTOMIZED material is available .we can modify MFI,FILLER,IMPACT according to the requirements.


BOPP granules is made by using BOPP ROLLS. these granules have good transparency.

specially disposable items,glass etc.
customizations available.

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The main properties of polypropylene are:

  1. Compound Resistance: Diluted bases and acids don’t respond promptly with polypropylene, which settles on it a decent decision for compartments of such fluids, for example, cleaning specialists, emergency treatment items, and that’s just the beginning.
  2. Versatility and Toughness: Polypropylene will act with flexibility over a specific scope of diversion (like all materials), yet it will likewise encounter plastic misshaping almost immediately in the distortion cycle, so it is for the most part thought to be an “intense” material. Durability is a designing term that is characterized as a material’s capacity to twist (plastically, not flexibly) without breaking.
  3. Weariness Resistance: Polypropylene holds its shape after a ton of twists, bowing, or potentially flexing. This property is particularly significant for making living pivots.
  4. Protection: polypropylene has high protection from power and is exceptionally valuable for electronic segments.
  5. Transmissivity: Although Polypropylene can be made straightforward, it is ordinarily delivered to be normally misty in shading. Polypropylene can be utilized for applications where some exchange of light is significant or where it is of tasteful worth. If high transmissivity is wanted, at that point plastics like Acrylic or Polycarbonate are better decisions.

Polypropylene is named a “thermoplastic” (rather than “thermoset”) material which has to do with how the plastic reacts to warmth. Thermoplastic materials become fluid at their softening point (approximately 130 degrees Celsius on account of polypropylene).

A significant valuable property about thermoplastics is that they can be warmed to their softening point, cooled, and warmed again without critical corruption.

Rather than consuming, thermoplastics like polypropylene melt, which permits them to be effectively infusion shaped and afterward accordingly reused. Paradoxically, thermoset plastics must be warmed once (regularly during the infusion shaping cycle).

The principal warming makes thermoset materials set (like a 2-section epoxy) bringing about a substantial change that can’t be switched.

If that you attempted to warm a thermoset plastic to a high temperature a second time, it would consume. This trademark makes thermoset materials helpless contender for reusing.

For What Reason Is Polypropylene Utilized So Frequently?

Polypropylene is utilized in both the family unit and modern applications. Its novel properties and capacity to adjust to different creation strategies make it stand apart as a priceless material for a wide scope of employment.

Another important trademark is polypropylene’s capacity to work as both a plastic material and as a fiber (like those limited-time handbags that are parted with at occasions, races, and so forth) Polypropylene’s one of a kind capacity to be produced through various techniques and into various applications implied it before long began to challenge a significant number of the old elective materials, outstandingly in the bundling, fiber, and infusion forming businesses. Its development has been supported throughout the long term and it stays a significant part of the plastic business around the world.

At Creative Mechanisms, we have utilized polypropylene in a few applications across a scope of businesses. Maybe the most interesting model incorporates our capacity to CNC machine polypropylene to incorporate a living pivot for model living pivot advancement.

Polypropylene is a truly adaptable, delicate material with a generally low softening point. These variables have kept the vast majority from having the option to appropriately machine the material. It gums up. It doesn’t cut clean.

It begins to dissolve from the warmth of the CNC shaper. It commonly should be scratched smooth to get anything near a completed surface. In any case, we have had the option to take care of this difficulty which permits us to make novel model living pivots out of polypropylene.

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What is Polypropylene?
Polypropylene is an intense, unbending, and translucent thermoplastic created from propene (or propylene) monomer. It is a direct hydrocarbon tar. The compound recipe of polypropylene is (C3H6)n. PP is among the least expensive plastics accessible today.

How to Produce Polypropylene?
Nowadays, polypropylene is produced using polymerization of propene monomer (an unsaturated natural compound – synthetic recipe C3H6) by:

  • Ziegler-Natta polymerization, or
  • Metallocene catalysis polymerization

PP can frame three essential chain structures relying upon the situation of the methyl gatherings:

  • Atactic (aPP) – Irregular methyl bunch (CH3) plan
  • Isotactic (iPP) – Methyl gatherings (CH3) organized on one side of the carbon chain
  • Syndiotactic (SPP) – Alternating methyl bunch (CH3) game plan

Your search for a faultless scope of Plastic Granules ends at NIDHI ENTERPRISES. We offer a reach that includes Recycled Polypropylene Granules, PP Granules so you can call us pp granules suppliers India. These Plastic Raw Material and Reprocessed Plastic Granules are produced utilizing high-grade Plastic Scrap and the furthest down the line strategies to guarantee the best properties and quality.

Profit from us a scope of PP Granules, which has no option on the lookout for its quality. Fabricated utilizing high-grade plastic crude material, the PP Granules are offered by us in different shapes and sizes, contingent on the necessity of different applications.


  • High dissolving point
  • Machinable
  • Adaptable and strong in structure
  • Upkeep free
  • Astounding electrical properties
  • Effective execution


  • Superb effect/solidness execution even at low temperatures
  • Tasteful attributes
  • Great killjoy obstruction

Our PP granules are exceptionally proficient and profoundly dependable crude materials for preparing distinctive plastic-based materials like plastic sacks, holders, cups, electronic parts, and so forth that is the reason individuals know us as LDPE granules suppliers India. These PP granules have phenomenal strength and solidness for different applications. We are the pp granules traders and give PP granules at moderate costs.

We are India’s leading supplier of PP granules, which are perfect for usage as both plastic and fibre. These polymers have exceptional characteristics and do not melt at temperatures below 150°C. Our product line is well-known for its ability to produce colorful polymers and the fact that it does not absorb water.

Polypropylene Polymer
Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer having low specific gravity, higher hardness, good chemical and stress endurance, and moderately high-temperature resistance. Because of its unsurpassed physical, chemical, thermal, and electrical qualities, this PP Granules & Resin is used to make a wide range of plastic products.

Leading suppliers of PP granules in India 
In general, we are the suppliers of PP granules in Indian industries which are involved in the following businesses: 

  • Labeling and packaging
  • Textiles
  • Stationery   
  • In the reusable containers of various types
  • Preparation laboratory equipment
  • In making loudspeakers
  • Automotive components
  • In Polymer banknotes.

Besides being a reigning supplier of PP granules in India of the following types: PP Granules PP Natural, PP White, PP Black and Colour PPCP Natural, PPCP Black And Colour, BOPP Natural, we also offer a wide variety of polymers and additives to enhance the durability. In India, we are one of the leading polymer granules manufacturers, importers, exporters, and suppliers. Our high-quality polymers stand out for their high standards and durability. Our polymers can withstand even the most severe wear and tear. These polymers can be easily found in a wide range of products that we use daily.