The main properties of polypropylene are:

We Are One Of The Leading Manufacturers ,Importers,Exporters And Suppliers Of Polypropylene Granules.

We Offer The Following Types Of PP Granules:

  1. PP Natural
  2. PP White
  3. PP Black And Colour
  4. PPCP Natural
  5. PPCP Black And Colour
  6. BOPP Natural


  1. aplication images Household
  2. aplication images Crates
  3. aplication images Pallets
  4. aplication images Tasla
  5. aplication images Mug
  6. aplication images Bucket
  7. aplication images Automobiles

Generally MFI Of PP Granules Is Above 6 But We Have The Ability To Customize It According To The Customer Requirements And Specifications.

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